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There is nothing more exciting than hearing the bugling of a bull elk at first dawn or spotting and stalking a herd above timberline. Despite their size, – bulls which weigh about 800lbs, and cows which weigh about 500lbs – elk can be difficult to harvest in Colorado’s high country.  This elusiveness makes elk hunting one of the most exciting hunting sports in America.

We offer pack-in horseback hunts conducted in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area in Unit 481 and the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area in Unit 49 near Buena Vista.  We also offer quality hunts in Unit 57 where our comfortable camps and pleasant staff make it easy for you to relax and enjoy your time hunting in some of Colorado’s most beautiful elk hunting areas.  Our elk hunting trips also include delicious home-style cooked meals.

Licenses for Unit 481, Unit 49 and Unit 57 must be applied for in early April.  Although this requires early planning, it proves beneficial during the elk hunting season as it limits the number of hunters in the field and thus the bull-to-cow ratio remains high. Join us on a elk hunting trip and experience a one of a kind big game hunt in central Colorado.

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Silhouette of an elk with trees