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Our guided bighorn sheep hunts are conducted between 10,00 and 13,500 feet in the mountains near Buena Vista, Colorado.  We are fortunate to be located at the corner of four different sheep hunting units: S11, S12, S17, and S47; and can be scouting any of these areas within minutes.  We also guide ram hunts in units S50, S51, and S66.  These units are many of the top producing bighorn sheep units in the state and we spend time scouting throughout the year so we know what is out there and how to get you to one of these incredible animals.

Hunting for bighorn sheep is a unique experience, but just getting a bighorn sheep license in Colorado has become perhaps more difficult than getting a ram. It is our policy to assist our clients in choosing the right unit  to match your sheep hunting goals and abilities, based on the units trophy potential and terrain.  We can also assist you in the application process and answer questions to help make it go smoothly.

Hunters need to be in good physical condition and be prepared to take extended shots, as the big open basins above treeline can provide some challenging shot opportunities.  The beautiful and unique mountain terrain near Buena Vista will challenge your skill as a hunter, and our guides will provide you with the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Contact us for assistance in achieving your dream of hunting Colorado’s bighorn sheep.

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