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High on the spine of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado lies some of the best bighorn sheep hunting in the country and Joe Boucher of Horn Fork Guideshas been guiding hunters to trophy quality rams for many years. Based out of Buena Vista, he is in the prime location to scout and hunt these local units. Positioned at the intersecting corners of units S11, S12, S17 and S47 insures that whether hunting or scouting, he can be on the mountain in a matter of minutes. He also specializes on units S50, S51, S61, and S66 also producing extremely high success rates on large mature rams. If you have spent the time and money to draw one of these very limited and coveted hunting permits, you will certainly want to secure the services of the best sheep guide in the area. Horn Fork Guides is that service.

Not only does he specialize in trophy sheep hunts, but trophy mountain goat as well. Units G1, G2, G3, G13, and G17 are also his home turf and many goat hunters have found success hunting with these areas with Horn Fork Guides. As can be suspected of any goat hunt, the terrain hunted can be remote and difficult to access. Horn Fork Guides makes this a much less daunting task by providing knowledgeable and experienced mountain guides. To top of an already challenging and rewarding hunt, due to the high elevation that these goats live, they develop a full “shag” by the fall hunting seasons.

For the elk hunter, Horn Fork Guides also has you covered. Limited tags offered in the drawing coupled with a 3 to 4 hour horse ride into camp increases the probability of a successful hunt. On top of that, units 49 and 481 are typically easier to draw than many other units around the state. Remote yet comfortable camps, knowledgeable and experienced guides and high bull to cow ratios in their areas, make Horn Fork Guides a serious consideration for any elk hunter. For those wanting to “go it alone” there are also some drop camp options available. Contact them early as these camps are filled quickly each year.

Elk hunter standing next to his trophy elk.

Elk Hunting

Hunter holding trophy bighorn sheep.

Bighorn Sheep

Couples standing behind mountain goat they just hunted.

Mountain Goat

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Silhouette of an elk with trees